Saturday, August 25, 2007

An Owl in Tazi

You know when you leave the house and think "nah - I won't bother with the camera, it's dark and i'm doing something mundane..."

And then on your way home... Tawny Frogmouth

All this while my K10D and 8 lenses sit less than 50 meters away but if I move much more it would fly away, and it did after I took these, these were taken with my K750i phone and are 100% crops. Another good reason why phones aren't substitutes for cameras - Even my LX2 - which would have easily fitted in the pocket of the gigantic winter coat I was wearing would have been prefect...

I was a pretty brave owl, I drove up right next to it and put the window down to get the last shot, which is with the LED torch on the phone (talk about noise after a levels adjustment).

I'm never leaving home without a camera again (decent one because phones don't count)