Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We Arrived in Tibet today after sitting on the tarmac at Chengdu Airport (At least we were breathing Plane air and not Chengdu air - that has to be the smoggiest city I've ever been to - and I've been to LA... I don't know how the Pandas survie but they are quite cute - we missed out on patting on by a whisker (they dress you up in plastic anyway).

So what else do you do in a dirty smoggy city with no internet cafes - buy a DVD player of course (and maybe a spoon to dig the tar out of your lungs) - I'll post a picture if I can be bothered taking one - it's not that exciting - just looks like a CD player - we should have bought one ages ago when it was bucketing with rain in Kunming rather than try and watch movies in chinese on TV. I took a shot of the rain in Kunming, you could only see about a block or two - it was worse in Chengdu - but it wasn't raining.

Tibet so far is much better than anywhere else in China so far, although the poverty is probably slightly worse, the traffic, air and scenery is so far much better, we haven't ventured far yet but could be here until next friday - thats the only flight to Xi'an we could find online.

The Giant Buddha in Leshan

Pandas are very cute

Temple in Chengdu

Turtles in Chengdu

Street cleaner in the rain - Kunming

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Betty said...

What is that orange vest you are wearing in that pic Simon. *snickers*

More pics of pandas please! Pandas! Pandas! Pandas!!